Q: What makes your product different than the other companies?


1. Our e-juice contains 60mg/ml. The pods for devices like Juul and Phix contain 59mg/ml (5% by weight per 0.7ml). Other companies fall short by only selling a max strength of 45mg/ml and 50mg/ml.

2. We add Benzoic Acid to provide a smoother throat hit and for better absorption.

3. Other companies use higher VG ratios causing wicking problems and reduced coil life. Our juice uses higher PG ratios to prolong the coils life and to improve the flavor.


Q: What devices can be refilled?

A: Juul, Phix, iCare, Myjet, Von Erl, and most other devices. Contact us for other compatibility questions.


Q: How many pods can I fill?

A: Simply divide 15 into your pod capacity [Ex. 0.7ml (Juul) pods = 22 refills]


Q: Can I fill my vape mod with this juice?

A: No, it is not recommended for use with high power devices


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes



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