HOW TO: Professionally Refill Juul Pods

Beyondthepod Refill Juul Pods With Cotton Pads


Required Tools:

1. Sharp pair of scissors

2. 100% Unbleached Cotton Pad 

3. Small Flathead Screwdriver

4. Empty Pod

Complete tool kit can be purchased here


STEP 1: Wedge a small Flathead screwdriver in between the pod body and the cap. This loosens the cap so you can pull it off by hand.

Remove Juul Pod Cap


STEP 2: Push the screwdriver in between the pod body and rubber plug to remove it.

Remove Juul Pod Rubber Plug



1. Cut a 1/8" strip off the cotton pad

2. Cut the strip into 1/2" sections or use an old piece of cotton as a template

3. Using the screwdriver fit the cotton pieces into the slots within the cap

Cut and fit Juul Pod Cotton


STEP 4: Fill your Pod!

Refill Juul Pod



1. Reinsert rubber plug (Note: It is normal for a small drop of juice to leak out the bottom due to the pod being pressurized)

2. Attach cap and your finished!

Juul Rubber lug and Cap install


Leaking Prevention Tips:

-Remove your pod while charging

-Avoid excessively removing and reinserting your pod 

-Store pods in a cool place, upright, with caps

-Gentle puffs off the mouthpiece

-Avoid squeezing/applying pressure to the sides of your pod

-Insert pod from the outer edges

-Clean any juice on the outside of the pod immediately

-Using a Q-Tip frequently clean the pod port in your Juul




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